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My name is Rodney Moore, I am the head coach & owner of one of Ireland’s top mma gyms, next generation mma gym in N.Ireland.
I would very highly recommend Sean to any athlete or club serious about their career. When I competed professionally I was doing ok & won a couple of local titles, but something was missing.!! A good friend of mine highly recommended Sean & I gave him a call & set up a meeting. I was blown away by Sean’s knowledge & approach. I knew this was the missing link. Since then & working with Sean, Sean’s group sessions has built us into one of the strongest mma teams in the country at both amateur & professional levels. Every area is covered from the approach to training phase right down to the right mind set you have before & during the fights, even the very breaks between rounds. This was our biggest improved area on mindset phase just a few simple exercises with unbelievable results, all thanks too Sean. Other clubs are always asking us “why is your team of fighters so strong, what are you’s doing up there.? What’s the secret..!!”
Since working with Sean our team of fighters have won various titles:-
Cage contender lightweight international champion…
UXC British middleweight super fight champion…
Akuma Irish mma bantamweight, featherweight, welterweight & lightweight champions…
Clanwars British flyweight, bantamweight & middleweight champions…
Strike & submit British & European middleweight, lightheavy & heavyweight titles…
Also our club has won many, club, coach, fighters & team of the year awards in various mma award gala’s…






‘I really enjoyed Sean’s presentation and exercises on mental management. It enlightened us all in the power of the mind and reminded us that if you do not use it you will loose it. I for one will be using it.’

Wellesly McGowan, Northern Ireland archery team coach


‘Instonians RFC during the 2007-2008 season used the services of Sean Connolly to help the squad with the mental side of sport. This included how to motivate yourself to succeed, how to cope with the pressures building up to a game and how give 100% during the game. Sean brought many new ideas to the squad which we found different, thought provoking and helpful. With Sean’s help we gained promotion to division 2 of the All Ireland League.’

Ken Keane. Manager, Instonians RFC 


‘After a severe crash at Mondello Park, I needed to focus and concentrate on my forthcoming Northwest 200. Sean taught me techniques and confidence building exercises that I am in no doubt helped me feel mentally strong and focused for the remainder of the 2009 season ahead which i am very much looking forward to.’

Denver Robb, Twice Irish Motorcycle Champion 1000cc


As a Fighter I need to have all my tools to win not just my hands, but myself belief, Mental state correct, I worked with Sean and his confident building program over several different occasions and it was so good the first time it led me to victory in The first ever Prize Fighter on Sky Sports, I returned again needless to say and have victory over Olympic Gold Medalists Audley Harrsion, and Matt Skelton for me to become Commonwealth Champion, I am now returning to the ring after injury for a year and without a doubt calling on Sean for his fantastic methods to help me get back to were i unfortunately left off many thanks to Sean.

Martin Rogan Professional Heavyweight Boxer


“Sean works with athletes, to make them realize their inner potential, achieve consistency and repeat good practices or performances. With respect to these outcomes, what he does is therefore in keeping with the general definition of Sports Psychology; how he achieves it is quite unique. Few athletes have the belief to explore the limits of their ability and mental training is therefore important in unwrapping this potential”.

Dr Robert Gamble – Queen’s University Sport (BASES ACCREDITATED SPORT & EXERCISE SCIENTIST)

After 3 Ulster Titles.
8 Antrim titles
3 All Ireland titles and 133 fights I felt I needed some mental tools to take me to the next level which is why I started working with Sean Connolly who is known as the best in this field.

3 x All-Ireland Champion.
Represented Ireland 7 times.
5 x N.Ireland Champion.
6 x Ulster Champion.
Ulster Intermediate Champion.Sean Higginson.10399535_975118365887481_2373270401274004732_n


Have had 17 fights unbeaten since started using the drills Sean has taught me. Wins in America, Spain and Russia.

Used the drills have gave me a massive boost in confidence dealing with the mental end of things. I had a lot of great wins, picking up 2 more national titles in the last year, spending the summer as Conor McGregors main boxing sparring partner in las vegas in preparation for his return world Title fight with Nate Diaz. Now I am preparing for the world university games in Thailand in October.

Conor Wallace.




‘Our school was set up in 2000 since then the teachers and pupils have worked extremely hard to become the number one Irish dance school in the world. In 2004 we asked Sean to come and work with the children to teach them skills that we couldn’t. Since Sean started working with the school we have won over 20 World Titles, The difference Sean has made to the confidence of the children has been unbelievable enabling them to perform at their maximum potential .There is no doubt in my mind that we would not have won half of what we have done without Sean Connolly.’ Gavin and Seaneen Doherty.

Doherty School Of Irish Dance



I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for such an interesting and inspiring talk you gave as part of our workshop. We have had several parents phone to say thank you, praise you and ask for your number. Our own Trustees who attended were very impressed and wished they had met you earlier in their sporting careers believing they could have achieved more with your help.

We will be in touch again soon.

Thanks again

Mary Peters Trust – Chairman


I am an amateur golfer who has been struggling mentally with my confidence on the golf course. Sean has given me the tools to believe in myself and achieve the status which I strive for. Since meeting Sean I am now the 2012 scratch cup champion, medals champion, won numerous club competitions and also reduced my handicap which is now a two.

I believe that in the coming season the help that Sean has provided will enable me to make good use of the abilities which have now been instilled. Moving forward my unlimited goal is to play on the Ireland team, and I have no doubt with Sean’s expertise that this will no longer be a childhood dream

Ryan Mc larnon


From working with Sean Connolly I find that my internal and external obstacles in Golf have greatly reduced which has improved my overall game.

Colin Bell, PGA professional TPI certified Golf fitness instructor.

Sean’s work helps one to strive to be the best they can be through self belief and being positive. We would all lead a richer life if exposed to these methods

Breandan De Gallai, Former lead dancer in River Dance and choreographer.



I met Sean Connolly during my amateur career and even then realised his passion and knowledge on the potential of the mind and its importance during performance under pressure.
I had Sean in my corner for my first professional fight which was for a british title against Dexter Casey. Realising the benefits of this work I continued to work with Sean for one of my biggest challenges on the world stage which was my heavyweight bout in Brazil in 2001 at the world vale tudo championships. This was the stomping grounds for a lot of the greatest fighters to ever step into the cage.
This was a bare Knuckle tournament just before they made gloves compulsory.
Sean is still a vital asset to my Chum Sut total fight academy in Lisburn in the preparation for our competitors in Olympic wrestling and Mixed martial artists as well as health and well being in general.
Tom La Mont head Coach Chum Sut MMA


Thought the workshop was fantastic. I would be very interested in doing this again and try to achieve the position of grand master bowman.


I thought the day was excellent, especially the section on breath control. All aspects of the day were very useful and practical and will be great help in the future.

Alan Convery, Ballyvalley Archer Club

The focus today was very positive and it was good to have the theory applied to actual shooting during the workshop to see the improvement as we progressed through the stages. I have taken some great tools away to develop in the future.

Robert Hall, Carrickfergus Archery Club

The self esteem and confidence session was very enlightening and the confidence aspect allowed me to focus and bring forth my ability without dwelling on anyone who is present or how they are shooting.

The motivation session reinforced why I choose archery as my sport, and the core stability exercises Sean taught were very impressive and informative.

Kevin Bloomfield, Northern Ireland Senior Team Manager

I met Sean 2 years ago in my pro-shop at Royal County Down Golf Club. He had my full attention from

day one, his incredible depth of knowledge, enthusiastic articulation of a subject which is clearly close to his heart.

In his book he tackles issues that make a difference to how young people think of themselves and asks thought provoking questions about how and why we make the decisions we do on the golf course.

Sean has written many memorable anecdotes and strap lines that developing sportsmen and women can use to strengthen their mental performance, unlocking their potential and ability to improve.

I recommend this book to golfer of all standards as it opens up a whole area of understanding which may have been a mystery to them in the past.

I wish you lots of fun implementing some of these ideas that will surely assist your path to improvement.

Kevan Whitson, Fellow of the PGA, Head Professional, Royal Co Down Golf Club

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